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Osteopathic treatment can quickly relieve symptoms like back pain, sciatica, neck stiffness and shoulder pain. At Hampstead Osteopathy your care and treatment is based on a full case history, assessment and diagnosis of your symptoms by registered osteopaths, Ben Posen and Hermione Halman


The first osteopathic treatment session always starts with a detailed case history. This helps build up a clearer picture of why for example, you back or neck, is hurting. It also gives some clues as to what might be stopping that area of your body from functioning normally and healing.


Following the case history we  will do an examination so that we can see how different areas of your body work with each other. This usually involves some clothing being removed so you may want to bring along a pair of shorts. As well as observing your posture and how freely you can move in stationary positions, we often examine your gait and balance to see how your body works dynamically. We will then  use palpation (a highly developed sense of touch) to identify points of weakness or excessive strain throughout the body. After this process is completed we will make a safe working diagnosis of your problem and will offer you osteopathic treatment.


(1st appointment £60)

Osteopathic treatment involves gentle, manual techniques including soft tissue massage, articulation and mobilisation, to help ease pain, reduce swelling and improve mobility. If appropriate, you will also be prescribed exercises to help you enjoy the benefits of treatment in the long term.


(Follow up treatment £55)

If you require further treatments we will draw up a treatment / management plan. This is designed to help you manage your symptoms and get the greatest benefit from your osteopathic treatment sessions.