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Sports injuries


Common Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are one of the most common reasons that people seek treatment with an osteopath. Here at Hampstead Osteopathy we are located just moments from the Cumberland Tennis and Squash club, Hampstead cricket club, Hampstead Hockey club as well as many gyms and yoga/pilates centres. As a result sports injuries are one of the most frequent reasons for people making appointments with us.

Treatment for Sports Injuries At Hampstead Osteopathy

We regularly see a wide range of sports injuries. These include injuries such as tennis elbow, runners / jumpers knee, ligament sprains  as well as muscle pulls and tears.

Both our osteopaths are experienced in treating sports injuries and both Ben and Hermione are keen sports people too. Ben is a keen runner, cyclist and plays squash. Hermione is a dancer and cyclist.

Treatment for Achilles Tendonitis

One of the sports injuries that frequently effects people taking part in high impact activities such as running and dancing is achilles tendonitis. This is often because the calf muscles become very tight and repeatedly pull on the achilles tendon which attaches into the back of the foot. You can follow this link to our facebook page to watch a video of Hermione explaining how to recognise achilles tendonitis injuries and how we approach treating them.