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Back and leg pain treatment at Hampstead Osteopathy

Osteopathic treatment provides fast and effective relief from back and leg pains (sciatica). Osteopaths use a range of approaches including:

  • Joint mobilisation – Improves range of movement and frees the trapped nerves which cause the back and leg pain.
  • Deep soft tissue massage – Reduces muscle spasms and promotes blood flow to injured areas.
  • Postural guidance and safe exercises – Makes your body stronger and more flexible, so that your symptoms don’t keep coming back.

How do back injuries cause leg symptoms and sciatica?

Lower back injuries often cause leg symptoms because the nerves that supply feeling and power to your legs emerge from the lower back. Herniated discs (aka “slipped discs”), hypertonic muscles, spinal stenosis, tumours and infections can all irritate / damage the nerves that supply the legs.

What leg symptoms might I experience with sciatica?

If the sciatic nerve is injured, symptoms will usually travel down the back of the leg and can go as far as the foot. This is called “sciatica”. Common symptoms include a dull ache in the low back, buttocks and thigh which becomes a sharp pain on particular movements. Pins and needles, numbness and skin hypersensitivity are also common whilst more serious injuries can cause the leg to feel heavy or weak.