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Over 50% of women experience back pain at some point in their pregnancy. On this page we explain the causes of back pain during pregnancy, what you can do to reduce its effects and how osteopathic treatment can help during pregnancy.

There are, of course, many other pains associated with pregnancy  including neck and shoulder pain, pain down the legs, pelvic pains and much more. In fact there are so many issues related to pregnancy that we could never fit all of them into one coherent page. So, if you want to discuss your problems to find out whether osteopathy can help during pregnancy, we are very happy to talk with you on the phone.


There are lots of reasons why your back hurts during pregnancy. Some of these, you can’t do anything about. For example:

  • Increased levels or the hormone relaxin: This softens your ligaments to allow the baby to pass through your pelvis which puts more strain on muscles and tendonds making them ache.
  • Your uterus expands: This shifts your centre of gravity forward also putting more strain on your spine. This puts more strain on muscles and ligaments making them ache.

On the positive side, there are issues which Osteopathy can help you do something about:

  • Weak abdominal tone: the muscles around your tummy are designed to give some support to the lower back. By doing gentle exercises such as daily walking and doing exercises which engage your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, you can give your aching back some much needed movement and support. Our osteopaths are trained to give safe exercises to help this.
  • Posture: When you are tired and aching it can be all too tempting to slump on a couch and hope that when you get up you will feel better. This rarely works. If you are tired, have a lie down on a properly supportive surface (like your bed). Then, when your batteries are recharged stand / sit up with a straight back.


Osteopathy is a very gentle treatment which is safe for pregnant women. We have successfully treated many pregnant women with a range of symptoms like neck, shoulder, back and pelvis pain. When you come for treatment, in addition to the hands on treatment you will also be given advice and safe exercises and stretches to help you manage your symptoms during the pregnancy.