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If you are in too much pain to come to the osteopathy clinic, or if you feel uncomfortable coming into the clinic during the covid 19 pandemic, Ben Posen can treat you in your home.

Osteopaths are trained to diagnose musculoskeletal injuries so we can usually tell you what is causing your symptoms. It is also usually safe to give treatment that helps relieve your symptoms. 

Please remember though: If you need  a prescription medicine you will need to see a doctor. Also if your pain is so severe that you cannot move at all, or cannot be touched, it may be better to call a doctor or an ambulance. If you’re unsure, please call the clinic and we will be happy to advise you.

To examine and treat you safely, you may need to be partially undressed. If you feel uncomfortable with this you are welcome to have a chaperone present and you can wear shorts and a vest top.

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* Please note: It may not always be possible to offer you a home visit on your preferred date or time. All home visits are £150.